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Acquiring leadership intelligence

CMi Merryck for Leadership Team Development

Building the leaders of the future

Key challenges in organisations today lie in the interfaces and relationships between people, teams, functions and different stakeholder needs. This applies to all teams in an organisation but it is amplified when applied to the executive team.


CMi Merryck offers a pragmatic approach to help CEOs and their teams gain clarity, engage in productive debate to gain alignment and engagement in order to accelerate positive business impact. We create value at all key inflection points in a leadership team’s development. Our support broadens executive perspective and builds new behaviours, helping to avoid expensive mistakes, improve discussion and decision making and develop more effective ways of working.

Decades of first-hand experience

CMi Merryck Team Mentors are current Board members or former C-suite Executives, grounded in real-world challenges facing leaders. Our work with teams is designed to build leaders capability and resourcefulness to enable them to face the future with confidence.

Our Mentors

Take my word please that this has been high impact. My Mentor has been truly dedicated and fully accessible whenever I’ve needed to speak with her. She really helped me open up and got the balance right between listening, expressing views, supporting and challenging.

Partner, Global Professional Services firm