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Enhancing leadership versatility

CMi Merryck for Emerging Senior Executive Leaders

Emerging Senior Executive Leaders

Our mentoring approach for emerging senior executive leaders can help accelerate the development of this critical pool of senior talent, preparing them more quickly for larger scope and greater impact.


When CMi Merryck matches such a leader with an experienced business mentor, we bring both an operator’s perspective and a completely individualised approach to accelerating leadership growth and impact.

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Emerging Senior Leaders and Cohort Development

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We help emerging senior executive leaders as a cohort to operate more effectively across an enterprise.


We bring such leaders together in a cohort-based learning environment that helps them translate their individual capabilities and direct experiences into an enterprise-aware ability to lead and execute individually and as a peer group.


We combine group and one-to-one mentoring to help grow individual leadership and develop the necessary enterprise mindset to deliver dynamic, complex and tangible outcomes to support business strategy.

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“The quality of the mentoring conversations is unrivalled. The opportunity to exchange thoughts with people who have been there before is extremely valuable for me.”

CEO, European Clean Energy Sector