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How we work

Bespoke mentoring engagements

CMi Merryck brings real-world experience to executive development and customises each engagement to – one leader, one board, one team, one cohort, one organisation. Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with the goals of the organisation and each mentee or team.


Mentor and mentee

Mentor selection is vital. Mentor background, geographical/sector experience and network are important. Personal chemistry, however, is the overriding factor for a successful and mutually rewarding relationship. Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with both the company’s and the mentee’s defined goals. Each mentor/mentee relationship develops their own style, driven by the needs of the mentee.


The optimal match

The most successful mentoring relationships are determined by a strong personal relationship between mentor and mentee. Some mentors have deep sector insight; however, industry background and geographic considerations must remain secondary to the optimal matching of personal chemistry. The Mentor and Mentee have an acquaintance meeting to allow the mentor and mentee to determine personal chemistry fit, while validating the expectations of both mentor and mentee.

What’s in it for you

Mutual benefits


The CMi Merryck Retreat

Once the chemistry has been agreed between the mentee and the mentor the engagement commences with a one-to-one mentoring deep dive, which we call ‘the retreat’. The CMi Merryck Retreat is a unique and powerful experience where the client will clarify their values, motivations and strengths and look at their behaviours, relationships, business model, strategy and resources. They will emerge with a clear action plan that will start the growth process and a trusted relationship with a Mentor whose only agenda is the continued success of their client and their strategic context.


Unlimited access

During their Mentoring, CMi Merryck’s clients receive unlimited access to their mentor as well as access to the wider faculty of mentors as required. As we are not aligned to specific tools or frameworks, each engagement is tailored to the individual leader and the mentor will bring relevant theory, tools and exercises as appropriate for the development of the mentee.

Our Values

What we stand for

01 Curiosity

We seek the potential in each leader to grow. We enjoy and inspire new perspectives, and we strive for meaning and understanding.

02 Generosity

Our only measure of success is our clients’ success. While our contributions may be largely invisible to the outside world, we find tremendous rewards in delivering on the purity of that mission.

03 Courage

We have the tough conversations.
We bring a shared commitment to developing deeper understanding and broader perspectives, even if that requires our clients to leave their comfort zones, and for us to leave our own.

What we can do for you

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