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Harald Norvik

Major Career Roles:

  • Chair, DNB Bank
  • Chair, Scandinavian Airline Systems,
  • Chair, Telenor ASA
  • President/CEO, Statoil Group A/S
  • Chair, Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Chair, TV2 and Equinor ASA
  • Board member and Lead Director, ConocoPhillips


Other Career Highlights:

  • Deputy Chair, PGS ASA
  • Chair, Econ Management A/S
  • Board member, Orkla
  • Chair, Kraft Bank ASA
  • Chair, BOS PS Group
  • Adviser, Rothschild AG
  • Chair, Barratt Due Music Institute





Harald Norvik has almost 40 years of international senior-leadership experience with multi-industry knowledge in finance, oil & gas, telecommunications, aviation, and transportation, serving as Chair to OBX and privately held companies.


Harald is Chair of Kraft Bank, Chair of BOS PS Group, Chair of NRC (a global refugee organisation) and Chair of Barratt Due Music Institute. Previously, he was Board member of Orkla. He was also Chair of Scandinavian Airline Systems, Telenor ASA, Oslo Stock Exchange, TV2 and Equinor ASA and Deputy Chair of PGS ASA.


Harald has served on Boards and as Chair in a number of international and Norwegian companies. For 15 years he served as a Board member and the last year as Lead Director in ConocoPhillips Inc.


Harald has been Chief Financial Officer of the Aker Group and Chief Executive Officer of Astrup Hoyer, and for 12 years was President and the Chief Executive Officer of Statoil Group A/S (now Equinor).


Harald was the Personal Adviser to the Prime Minister of Norway for 3 years and State Secretary/Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for 2 years.


Harald was also previously the Chair of the Nomination Committee for OGF Veidekke ASA and PGS ASA.